After 10 years as a stockbroker on Wall Street, Mr. Scott Eddy decided the corporate world was not for him. He took off on a trip of a lifetime, which would slowly transform into a lifestyle. These days he spends his time traipsing the globe in business class, attending exclusive events and staying in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels.

Mr. Scott Eddy knows how to get around. He lived in Europe and Asia for 17 years, and has started business across Asia, Europe and the UK. A natural connector, he has established himself as a people person in the biggest sense. He calls Fort Lauderdale “home” and loves to share his cultural experiences with his social media following of 1.5 million.

Mr. Scott Eddy has become the “go-to” digital guy for many successful travel brands, tourism agencies and hotel properties. He shares his depth of knowledge by offering digital consultancy, brand ambassadorship, corporate training and public speaking. You can check out his media kit for a full list of credentials and available services.

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Avid traveler, perpetual entrepreneur, king of social media. A once Wall Street stockbroker turned digital “go-to” guy for the travel industry. Mr. Eddy spends his days jetsetting the globe and networking with like-minded individuals. Follow along as he takes an audience of 1.5 million around the world.

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Adventures in Key West, Florida Seeing how I grew up in South Florida, I spent many weekends down in the Keys, but I haven’t been in a long time. On this trip I tested out a Lexus IS 200t and drove down to Key West. Down there I did something that I’ve...

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My Review of ANA Airlines

Flying High Class: My Experience with ANA 19 APRIL, 2017 ANA Asia Sponsored I’ve had mixed experiences with the different airlines that I have used on my travels. It seems to be about 50/50: 50% of the time I am happy with the outcome, and the other percent I am as...

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Whether you need to book your next public speaker, teach your team how to succeed online, get your brand seen by millions or learn the mysteries of social media.

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As a celebrity personality in the USA, entrepreneur and a business owner. Scott Eddy has taught me how to run my business through social media. Running your own business being a celebrity and trying to start other businesses take up a lot of your time. With Scott’s help and guidance he is taught me how to run my social media and how to let go of it. When I say let go of my social media I mean let go and leave it in the hands of Scott Eddy. Scott has a talent like I’ve never seen before, he just really gets social media. I would have to say he is like a NASA rocket scientist in the digital world, it just comes so easy to him. If you are looking to have your social media explode and handled correctly, Scott Eddy is your man don’t look anywhere else. If you don’t, you’re just shortchanging yourself!

Brian Peeler

Director of Business Development, Spacecraft Design Group

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