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They say that entire lifetimes can be lived through the different seasons we encounter as we grow. This is an absolute truth in the life of Mr. Scott Eddy. World Traveler, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Stockbroker, Uncle, Brother, Son and Friend are all titles that Scott holds with pride as he is constantly and optimistically looking to the future evolution of his career and what he can bring to strengthen the brands he works with.

Life changed for Scott Eddy after losing his father 3 weeks before graduating high school. After months of feeling lost, unmotivated, and directionless, Scott joined an investment training program and excelled as a stockbroker over the next decade. After 10 years traveling between Florida and New York as a stockbroker, Scott said goodbye to the corporate world and embarked on his first life changing trip. Scott’s lifestyle gradually transformed into something he couldn’t plan or predict, starting with his moving permanently to Asia to explore life beyond living in the United States.


After living in Europe and Asia for 17 years, Scott fell in love with several different cultures and recognized the value of creating lasting relationships. Scott embraced his sales and business savvy once again by starting one of the first digital agencies in Southeast Asia. Owning and selling this agency gave him a deep understanding of the digital transformation several industries would encounter.

Scott is a true people person and believes human connection is the only key to success and happiness. Although based in South Florida, there is no one place he currently calls home and is a genuine citizen of the world, traveling full-time, living out of a few suitcases through countless destinations.

2020 changed the world of travel in ways no one could ever predict, and for better or worse, Scott Eddy has become the ‘go-to’ digital guy for the travel industry, understanding it far more than many others as he chooses to completely immerse himself in its development and growth.

This is @MrScottEddy, version 2.0, a stronger, more resilient brand advocate ready to move into his next temporary spot, leave his digital “mark,” and create the relationships that will carry him into his next great adventure.

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