2015 Technology Trends

It’s almost 2015! Here are the top five technology trends that I think are about to lead the way this year:

1. Wearable Technology

Every year, social media is getting smarter and more personalized, and people are on the lookout for on-the-go options (the cooler and more futuristic these gadgets may appear to be, isn’t going to hurt either). So although, 2014 was said to be the “year of wearable tech” I’m predicting that the glorious title will actually go to 2015. What’s still unclear is how exactly the market will be divvied up – Google Glass hasn’t won over a massive techie following just yet and now Intel is jumping in head-first, quietly but laboriously building reference hardware for tiny and sleek wearable-specific processors. I’ll be sitting back with a tub of popcorn watching how it’s all going to unfold in 2015!

2. More Mobile-Only

The mobile-only consumer is a demographic that’s going to get fiercely targeted by marketers this year, and as the technology improves who knows – maybe you’ll even become one. According to data collected from the American analytics company comScore, Amazon, Wikipedia and Facebook see 20 percent of their traffic from users who only access them through a smartphone. That is a slice of the pie – which includes significant numbers of teenagers and low-income adults – definitely can’t be ignored. So be prepared to see the mobile experience get seriously amped up, from better shopping, to more government institutions and organizations creating more of their own apps and to fancier bells and whistles on the features side.

3. The Fall of Facebook

It’s clear more people are getting more disillusioned with Facebook than ever before, and it’s also getting harder for companies to differentiate and effectively promote themselves through Facebook for Business. That’s why I think there is going to be a big opportunity for Twitter and Instagram to forge ahead of as go-to marketing tools. Twitter is doing the opposite of Facebook, and making it easier for brands to showcase themselves. Meanwhile, Instagram is evolving into more than just a fashion blogger’s playground but as a real-time news source. I can see media outlets and publications stepping up their Insta-game in the coming year.

4. Selling what?

Straight up selling is so 2014. In fact, I believe in 2015 brands will begin to concentrate on content marketing to a greater extent. Consumers have so much information always being thrown relentlessly at them, businesses needs to find more effective ways to stand out from the pack. Content marketing is a way to do that, and it will be the make or break difference for many. Next year, we will definitely see this marketing strategy transform into more of a calculated science and an art.

5. Everything in real-time

Real-time is about to become a norm for how marketers communicate with customers. It’s intertwined with number 4 on my list, the rise of content marketing, as real-time marketing stands to become about adding a personalized touch. RTM is going to grow into more than just a one-trick pony marketing craze. I can really see it taking a strong foothold in how consumers can be reached, beyond social media alone.