3 Lessons I Learned During My RV Trip in Arizona

The thing I love most about travel is how it helps you grow. I am a nomad. I don’t tend to stay in one place for too long, the world is my home, and I like it that way. My most recent trip, an RV road trip through parts of Arizona, opened my eyes and I want to share what I learned during this RV trip.

RVs Make It About the Journey

Packing up and hitting the road in an RV is a brand new experience to me. I’ve traveled many exotic and historical places around the world. But touring a fascinating place like Arizona while in a spacious RV camper made it possible to connect with the destination in a much different way.

Route 66 in Winslow, Arizona – Mr. Scott Eddy RV Road Trip
Mr. Scott Eddy RV Road Trip

So often when we’re traveling in a traditional way of getting to the airport, boarding a plane, and stuffing things into overhead bins, we want to just get to where we’re headed and get the flight over with.

In an RV your journey from point A to point B is part of the fun. Your own space for dining, rest, and recreation comes right along with you. Whoever you’re on the road trip with can take turns driving and with the added space you can really enjoy the sights and experiences of the changing landscape around you.

Arizona Mr. Scott Eddy RV Road Trip

RVs Allow You To Stretch Out and Explore

I’ve been fortunate enough to stay in some unique and luxurious hotels and resorts around the world. There is something so refreshing about a hotel that has everything to make its guests comfortable. The challenge with such hotels is it can be hard to leave them and go explore that surrounding area.

In a gorgeous place like Arizona it is critical that you get out there and explore. We pulled into multiple campsites during our RV road trip to stay a night or two. These Arizona campsites, coupled with our RV from RVshare, put us in the heart of it all. We didn’t have to leave a hotel to get to a taxi or some other transportation to then get to wherever it is that we wanted to explore. We just opened the door to our RV and there it is, right at our feet.

Under the Arizona Night Sky – Mr. Scott Eddy RV Road Trip

One of the places we visited, Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, is one of the most “instagrammable spots on Earth.” It had plenty of parking for RVs and the walk from the parking lot to the lookout point was just about 3/4 of a mile. The view took everyone’s breath away. Everyone explored and had their own space. Seeing such a spectacular spot and then being able to just walk back to the RV, get in, and keep going down the road, really made this trip special.

Depending on what RV you select you’ll most likely find brilliant uses of space. Many have overhead storage and collapsible compartments that make it easy to store your belongings without them getting in the way. So many times I’ve found hotels and other accommodations that could use the space in a smarter way. And with an RV, everything you need is with you the whole time.

RVs Take Time to Set Up, But It’s Part of the Fun

Most recreational vehicles require some set up time and break down time when you’re traveling from one campsite to another. If you’ve got the budget for one of the luxurious, bus-style vehicles, go for it! Usually those types of RVs require minimal set up. The average RV does require beds and tables to be collapsed and set up. But, so many RVs are smartly designed to make it easy to do.

Check out this video walk through of our RV from RVshare, that I originally posted on my Instagram. And special shout out to Bonner Private Wine Partnership, you’ll see some wine that we enjoyed on our trip. I only travel with the best wine!

The set up and break down of the RV is part of the fun. Our crew enjoyed the quick set up after we’d pulled into each campsite. It was easy and it became part of the ritual of arriving at a new spot. And when it was time to pack up, it got us excited and ready for what was on the horizon. Of course, the incredible surroundings of Arizona made it easy to get excited.

Arizona Views – Mr. Scott Eddy RV Road Trip
Mr. Scott Eddy in Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park

How Does RVshare Work?

RVshare and I worked together so I could experience what it is like to have an RV road trip and share it with my followers. The neat thing about RVshare is that their fleet of recreational vehicles spans the full spectrum. It’s a peer-to-peer network of RVs. This makes it possible to have a wider array of vehicles types, from small, affordable pop-ups to luxurious RVs that feel like a mansion on wheels.

You can search RVshare’s network of vehicles online. Based on your needs and preferences you can filter your search on things like whether or not you want to tow the camper, or you want one that you can drive. There’s even a selection of RVs that can be delivered to you. Working with the team at RVshare was great.

What’s my next trip?

I’m now back in Delray Beach for a short bit, but there’s obviously more fun on the way. If you’re curious about working together then just fill out the short contact form at the bottom and we can get started. See you out there!