5 daily shortcuts to a happy (and productive) life

There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.
There is no substitute for doing the work.

Both are very true statements, BUT, there are little shortcuts that you can do to help you have a more productive and happy life:

1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier every day, it’s amazing what you can accomplish in 15 minutes.



2. When I listen to a podcast, I play the speed at 1.4x as my playback speed. They sound sort of like chipmunks, but I save time.



3. My goal is to be 15 minutes early for everything I do in my life. You will be surprised how much respect this will get you on appointments, and how much more organized and productive you will be.



4. Be prepared for the absolute worst thing that could happen in everything that you do, but at the same time, hope and concentrate on the best case scenario. When you have this mindset, you protect yourself at all times, but you are on the optimistic side of things.



5. Take a good look at the people you associate with on a daily basis. The old saying goes ‘you are the sum of your 5 closest friends’ and I strongly believe this is true. I live and die by this motto ‘keep your circle tight!’



NOTE: By no means is this post saying you should always look for shortcuts in life, remember, the lessons of life needed for personal growth, all lie on the road paved by hard work.