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2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for tourism and travel. New technology and higher standards of luxury and adventure are set to take the by storm. Here’s
what you dedicated globetrotters and wanderlust addicts have to look forward to:

1. Technology that will revolutionize the travel experience

Thought your smartphone and selfie stick were amazing? Wait until you see what’s hitting the market in 2015. 3D printing is being hailed as the dream answer to many travel problems, from forgetting to pack items to carrying less luggage overall. Soon you’ll be able to print out everything from razors to chargers and adapters.

Wearable technology, also one of my technology trends for 2015, is also going to make travel more effortless as well. How we take selfies, time-lapse videos and the quality of travel photography overall is definitely about to change.

2. Tech will also change how the industry sells to you, too

From a marketing standpoint, some of this new technology has very interesting benefits. Quadcopter drones could drastically change the standard for resort and destination photography, creating clear and sweeping vantage points never seen before. I’ll be watching the Oculus Rift closely to see how it plays into a few different industries, but travel specifically– virtual reality could be a cutting edge way to entice tourism clients.

3. The more obscure the destination, the better

Travel is so mainstream now, and people are looking for extreme, off-the-beaten-track adventures as a result. Oman, Iran and (believe it or not) the Arctic are all emerging as destinations on the rise next year.

4. The middle-aged backpacker

It’s no longer a young man’s game anymore. Backpacking in retirement is becoming really popular, particularly for couples looking to celebrate a second honeymoon once their kids have flown the coop. I think it’s amazing, and we could definitely see a new niche market develop that aims to cater to these travelers.

5. The healthy traveler

People are becoming more conscious of their fitness, even when they’re on the road, and that’s going to be reflected in new offerings in 2015. Wellness centers and spas will stop being seen as merely a nice “add-on” in a hotel or resort, but rather a make-or-break deciding factor for travelers. Likewise, look out for airport terminals to start offering yoga rooms, vegan food stalls and indoor green space.

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    1. @Jenny I definitely think 3D will change things about the travel industry, will alleviate many of the small headaches, but, I think the industry still has a way to go before it gets relevant.

  1. Guilty – I must admit to the lure of out of the way destinations. The next adventure on my wish- list is a trek in Zanskar. I went to Ladakh last year and looking out through the Indian Himalaya just made me want to explore more of it. Too little time,too many great places….

  2. As long as you don’t need to pack a 3D printer instead. That doesn’t seem practical…. Ha ha. Great post. It’s crazy the changes/trends from year to year.

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