5 Under the Radar Luxury Travel Destinations

We all know the top luxury destinations: places like London and Paris have been on must-see lists for decades. However, there are a few spots that most travelers who like the fine things don’t know about. When you are planning to get away from the big city or crowds of tourists, you should pull out your phone and take a look at some of the recommendations from Trip.com (make sure you download the app here).

1.    Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland Luxury Travel

Switzerland has been a haven for skiers for decades, but few know that it has more to offer than just the slopes. Between the chocolate and fondue, to the gorgeous Le Richemond hotel, there’s enough here to keep you occupied while you relax in a mountain lodge or you indulge in one of the renowned spas. For a winter getaway, Geneva is a way to escape and to enjoy a view of the nearby Alps.

Geneva Switzerland Luxury

2.    Marrakesh, Morocco

Mosque Marrakesh Luxury

Morocco has been flown under the radar for years as a top luxury destination. Although you won’t find many tourists here in the summer, spa lovers and shoppers are starting to discover the charms of Marrakesh. You can enjoy some of the best spices, carpets, and essential oils in the world here—and the hammam spa is unlike any other treatment you would have had at a hotel spa.

Door Morocco Luxury

3.    Riviera Maya, Mexico

Sunset Maya Rivieria

Of course, everyone knows there are some pockets in Mexico where you can find some of the best beaches for a tan in North America. Despite that, the Riviera Maya has remained hidden from the snowbirds, offering a secluded (but far from isolated) spot for travelers. If you are looking for perfect beaches, immaculate hotels, and the chance to hide away from the rest of the world, the Riviera Maya is your destination.

Beach Maya Luxury

4.    Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town Luxury

Once known for being a favorite location for hippies making their way through Africa, Cape Town has grown immensely as a luxury area. Downtown Cape Town has become a hot spot with a fun night life and street art everywhere you look. It also has the perfect balance of indulgence (luxury safari, anyone?) and adventure travel. Spend a long day surfing, and then head to your hotel for a drink and a beautiful sunset.

Beach South Africa

5.    Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Luxury Travel

Now that the political climate in Egypt has cleared up, the country has been trying hard to attract new tourists—especially in the luxury travel department. Cairo has a number of new hotels available that can easily book your tours to the pyramids and nearby cities like Alexandria. It’s also one of the most historical cities in the world, making it a must-see for the dedicated traveler.

Cairo Egypt Luxury

(All photos are courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons)