How Brexit Will Affect Travelers in the Near Future

This is a guest post from Alex Schnee over at The Wayfaring Voyager. You can connect with her on Twitter and Instagram. Brexit was an unexpected event for many, including those in Britain. What started out as a vote that the world forgot soon turned Europe and the UK on its head, causing concern for […]

My Thoughts on the Winter Equestrian Festival

The Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) is one of the largest equestrian shows in the U.S. The festival takes place at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. I love the word “equestrianism”, which means “the art of horseback riding.” I think that horses are amazing creatures, and when done correctly, horseback riding is a true art to watch. Competitive […]

An American In Paris Light’s Up The Stage – A Traveler’s Perspective

The scene is set. Travelers from near and far pack the Palace Theater, right in the heart of iconic Times Square. As An American In Paris begins, we scan the audience, in search of a single illuminated face, a cell phone user given away by telltale, blue-lit cheeks. Believe it or not, we find none. Among […]