Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Was the Best Marketing Accident Ever

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] If you’ve been traveling at all over the past several months, you’ve probably noticed that the newest version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been banned from flights all over the world. While it might seem at first that Samsung really messed up with their Galaxy Note 7, we […]

5 daily shortcuts to a happy (and productive) life

There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going. There is no substitute for doing the work. Both are very true statements, BUT, there are little shortcuts that you can do to help you have a more productive and happy life: 1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier every day, it’s amazing what you can accomplish in […]

Making the shift to superfoods

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand over the last few years, it’s been hard not to miss the massive explosion and shift towards healthy eating and healthy living that has been dominating mainstream media and every social platform. Everywhere I look there is a post about clean eating, some new fitness craze, the […]

Five Traits Every Entrepreneur Must Have

I always like to think of us entrepreneurs as a very particular breed of animal. Not just anybody can build and run a business, and it really has nothing to do with education. Becoming an entrepreneur takes a certain intuition and business-minded spirit, not to mention the guts to go through a lot of trial-and-error. […]

The ROI of Twitter

I think we are at a point in the world of social media where everyone is looking for the ROI. On Twitter I think its quite an easy platform to measure it, but I don’t measure it like most people would. If you are aggressive in following accounts and communicating with the ‘right people’ on […]

2015 Technology Trends

It’s almost 2015! Here are the top five technology trends that I think are about to lead the way this year: 1. Wearable Technology Every year, social media is getting smarter and more personalized, and people are on the lookout for on-the-go options (the cooler and more futuristic these gadgets may appear to be, isn’t […]

Here’s how to DOMINATE social media as an entrepreneur!

It’s astounding to me that learning about social media isn’t mandatory in business schools yet. It’s becoming more clear than ever that the future of running a company is digital, from how to set up a social media account and to stocking it up with solid content. Those that don’t know how to engage with […]

Are Entrepreneurs The Real Adrenaline Junkies?

“It is the greatest shot of adrenaline to be doing what you have wanted to do so badly. You almost feel like you could fly without the plane.” I love this quote from prolific aviator and inventor, Charles Lindbergh. There is no better feeling in the world than to do what you love for a […]

What it’s like to be an entrepreneur and a serious traveler at the same time.

Being both an entrepreneur and a travel addict has never been easy. There is really no excuse to be tied to a desk anymore like ‘back in the day’ (which really wasn’t that long ago). Just look at digital nomads, the rising number of people who use technology to work remotely and live a free-spirited lifestyle. It’s the rise of […]

Free WIFI For All!

There’s nothing worse than touching down on a layover and taking your phone off “Flight Mode” to realize – the airport doesn’t offer free WIFI.   Despite how unbelievably connected our world is, it’s amazing to me that this is one of the only aspects of the travel industry that’s not catching up with the […]