Visiting Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand might be my favorite place on earth. It’s an elephant sanctuary, and anyone who knows me, knows that elephants are my favorite animal, and that only intensified living in Thailand for 11 years. The sanctuary exists because elephants are still mistreated in Thailand, forced to perform in shows […]

New Year’s Eve in Palm Springs, California

I spent New Year’s Eve at Palm Springs this past year, and it was incredible. Some of the highlights were the Black Tie Gala for the Palm Springs Film Festival, trying the spa at Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort, doing the driving experience at the BMW Driving School, flying on a helicopter over the city, […]

Lion Country Safari Florida

Whenever I’m in South Florida and I have a few free days, I try to get to Lion Country Safari. As much as I love being surrounded by animals, its one of my favorite places on earth. Here are some pictures of my last couple visits.