My Review of ANA Airlines

Flying High Class: My Experience with ANA 19 APRIL, 2017 ANA Asia Sponsored I’ve had mixed experiences with the different airlines that I have used on my travels. It seems to be about 50/50: 50% of the time I am happy with the outcome, and the other percent I am as frustrated, annoyed, and confused […]

Keep Going: A Review of the New TraxPack Suitcase

It’s difficult to find a luggage company that has met the twenty-first century. After owning a number of luggage sets, I’ve had trouble finding one that can keep up with me in my travels and that has yet to implement smart technology. However, TraxPack has solved that problem in a number of ways—most of all […]

Looking Good on the Move–Bluffworks Pants

It’s always a struggle trying to find clothing that will travel well and that will hold up over the journey. Since I’m always on the go, I don’t have time to stop and iron clothing, but I also like to look good. Solving this problem is Bluffworks—a line of pants with a modern feel but […] + @MrScottEddy = Awesomeness

Introducing Zipkick’s Global Brand Ambassador You guys all know that I love Twitter, but this whole thing has made me love it even more. Zipkick found me on Twitter, then 6 days later, the contract was signed and I had a plane ticket to San Francisco in my hand. So if you are still thinking […]