What is a Brand Ambassador and How Can They Help Your Brand?

I don’t know about you, but I can spot fake a mile away. If it’s not authentic, I tune out immediately. So, how do you get your ideal audience to connect with people who represent your brand, in a way that feels natural? That’s where a Brand Ambassador comes in. What Is a Brand Ambassador? […]

Do we go too far for the perfect social media post?

Awhile back I blogged about the “the selfie epidemic” – people risking their lives to snap a good pic. From falling off of cliffs to underwater shark attacks, it’s become clear that some people will do dumb things for the sake of social media. Putting yourself in danger is one thing, but putting others in […]

The ROI of Twitter

I think we are at a point in the world of social media where everyone is looking for the ROI. On Twitter I think its quite an easy platform to measure it, but I don’t measure it like most people would. If you are aggressive in following accounts and communicating with the ‘right people’ on […]

Here’s how to DOMINATE social media as an entrepreneur!

It’s astounding to me that learning about social media isn’t mandatory in business schools yet. It’s becoming more clear than ever that the future of running a company is digital, from how to set up a social media account and to stocking it up with solid content. Those that don’t know how to engage with […]

Selfies: Harmless fun or a dangerous habit?

In Thailand, there is a national epidemic so threatening and unfathomable that even the government is taking a stand – yes, that’s right. I’m talking about selfies. A few months ago, the country’s Ministry of Health began spearheading an awareness campaign against taking too many selfies, warning the public that it can lead to mental […]

It all started with a single tweet.

Over and over again, I talk about Twitter as the most powerful, efficient networking tool that’s out there today. It allows me to make relevant connections 24/7 with people from all over the world, and those connections have translated into multiple business deals over the last few years. But seeing is believing, right? So I’ve […]

How Social Media Has Helped and Hindered Travel

Social media and seeing the world are two of my biggest passions in life. Being so deeply invested in both, it’s a real thrill to watch how both concepts continue to revolutionize and feed off of each other. But, having done business for so long and also being a stark realist, I’m fully aware there’s […]