How To Live a Nomad Life

Do you love the open road? I sure do! Not just the open road, I love the freedom of being a modern nomad. I’ve been at it for years, and let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks. But, it is definitely as rewarding as it seems. If you’ve ever dreamed of […]

How to Eat Clean While Traveling

3 JUNE, 2017 Eat Clean Traveling Health You’re off to indulge on a Caribbean cruise or a Vegas getaway or other dreamy escape. One of the biggest parts of your itinerary will be food. We all have to eat and the rule on vacations (or staycations, for that matter) is that calories don’t count. Regardless, […]

Visiting The Gates: Simple Luxury at its Finest

I was recently invited to visit some friends in Miami Beach and to check out some of their newest and most luxurious properties. The Gates are known for their attention to detail and for being close to all the action. Staying at the Gates Hotel South Beach, where I had a few days to relax […]

I have no home

26 APRIL, 2017 Luxury Travel Tips From the Road Saying I have ‘no home’ when I travel has always been a bit of a challenge. I suppose you could say that my home is South Florida—it’s the place where I base myself. But ‘home’ is a loose definition. There is no true distinction about what […]

How to travel with extended family so everyone gets a vacation

21 APRIL, 2017 Traveling Family Tips Families get together at one of their homes for Thanksgiving, holidays, in times of need or celebrations. Sometimes, it’s a rocky relationship among a few (or more) members of the group so why consider vacationing together? Vacations are a time of leisure, but they’re also about escape. Consider the […]

Should you opt for an AirBnb if you preferred hotel isn’t available?

17 AirBnb Rentals Vacation Reward points just aren’t going to be available this time since you’re going to a destination with bed & breakfast inns or accommodations with amenities that don’t suit you. What next? Now that you’ve determined the type of traveler you are, you need to consider the next option, First, it’s […]

How to find local culture in any city, big or small

12 APRIL, 2017 Local Culture Vacation Regardless of the number in your travel party, you can find opportunities for local culture on vacation. Culture is often a broadly used term, and depending on who you ask, it has varied meanings. Regardless, we’ll take the traditional definition of culture when we consider those social studies classes […]

Five TSA Friendly Luxury Carry-on Products

7 APRIL, 2017 TSA Luxury Carry On It may not be a frequently-used phrase, TSA-friendly, but you have to travel, and for most of us, we’d like the comforts and conveniences of our lifestyle to accompany us. Carry-on and personal item luggage can each fill up completely, especially with tech gadgets, clothes, and all else […]

Tips for Safe Solo Travel

3 APRIL, 2017 Safety Solo Travel Tips Sometimes, you want to travel as a couple or family, and other trips are all about solitude and the need for space. Taking trips solo is healthy. Helpful tips you can follow are outlined below. Keep in mind that you will need to take some precautions prior to […]