How to find local culture in any city, big or small

12 APRIL, 2017 Local Culture Vacation Regardless of the number in your travel party, you can find opportunities for local culture on vacation. Culture is often a broadly used term, and depending on who you ask, it has varied meanings. Regardless, we’ll take the traditional definition of culture when we consider those social studies classes […]

Five TSA Friendly Luxury Carry-on Products

7 APRIL, 2017 TSA Luxury Carry On It may not be a frequently-used phrase, TSA-friendly, but you have to travel, and for most of us, we’d like the comforts and conveniences of our lifestyle to accompany us. Carry-on and personal item luggage can each fill up completely, especially with tech gadgets, clothes, and all else […]

Tips for Safe Solo Travel

3 APRIL, 2017 Safety Solo Travel Tips Sometimes, you want to travel as a couple or family, and other trips are all about solitude and the need for space. Taking trips solo is healthy. Helpful tips you can follow are outlined below. Keep in mind that you will need to take some precautions prior to […]

5 Under the Radar Luxury Travel Destinations

We all know the top luxury destinations: places like London and Paris have been on must-see lists for decades. However, there are a few spots that most travelers who like the fine things don’t know about. When you are planning to get away from the big city or crowds of tourists, you should pull out […]

Islands of Adventure

In October I was invited to speak at TBEX Asia 2015 which this year happened to be in one of my second homes, Bangkok. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to plug back into my global travel family, catch up with some old buddies and get in some island time too. The conference was amazing […]

5 Travel Trends to come in 2015

2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for tourism and travel. New technology and higher standards of luxury and adventure are set to take the by storm. Here’s what you dedicated globetrotters and wanderlust addicts have to look forward to: 1. Technology that will revolutionize the travel experience Thought your smartphone and selfie […]

Travel and University

Why travel is better than the best university in the world For a guy that found school to be the biggest waste of time growing up, I’ve got a few strong ideas about education. I’ve said plenty of times that I believe social media and digital marketing should be mandatory learning in every business school. […]

My 2014 Travel Diary

Can’t believe it’s already December, and 2015 is already on the threshold. Some people look at the calendar change with scorn – new responsibilities and new resolutions and the realization that we are that much closer to becoming another year older. I, however, am not one of these people. I welcome the New Year with […]

The Illusion of the “Five-Star Hotel”

The term “five-star” gets tossed around a lot when talking about luxury resorts and hotels. But what a lot of people don’t realize is there isn’t such a thing. You see, the five-star rating system was first invented by Forbes Travel Guide (formerly Mobil Travel Guide) in 1958. Since then, different organizations and publications across the […]

What it’s like to be an entrepreneur and a serious traveler at the same time.

Being both an entrepreneur and a travel addict has never been easy. There is really no excuse to be tied to a desk anymore like ‘back in the day’ (which really wasn’t that long ago). Just look at digital nomads, the rising number of people who use technology to work remotely and live a free-spirited lifestyle. It’s the rise of […]