How does a wine subscription work and why I love Bonner Private Wine Partnership

Ready to hear a secret? Good wine doesn’t have to be difficult. So many misconceptions exist about wine, especially when it comes to quality. There can be a lot of gatekeeping in the world of high quality wine. But, the truth is, it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

You can like what you like, without following any of the traditional “rules of wine.” Me? I love reds, and certain rosé wine too. If I am enjoying some fresh seafood, I’ll still order a red, even though the rules say I should have a white. That’s what I love about wine subscription services. They make it easy for you to explore high quality wines and wines that aren’t so mainstream without any pressure, or the scrutiny you might encounter when ordering wine at a restaurant or lounge. Here’s how a wine subscription works, and why I specifically love Bonner Private Wine Partnership.

How Does a Wine Subscription Work?

Each wine subscription can be a little different, but in general a wine subscription is just like any other subscription delivery service. There is monthly subscription fee which grants you a monthly shipment of wine. But the thing is, it’s not just any wine.

Most wine subscription services, like Bonner Wines, go to lengths to make a special product. Wine subscriptions often include a well-curated collection of wine. There are often teams of people who work for months in advance to fine-tune each month’s offerings.

Mr. Scott Eddy Brand Ambassador for Bonner Private Wine Partnership

Many people find that a wine subscription provides them with a way to connect with unique wines and destinations. From the comfort of your home you can explore something new or a twist on a varietal you may consider to be a favorite. Have some friends over and try something new together.

Some wine subscription services enable you to make personal selections with each shipment. Others have set collections from which you can choose. For many people, myself included, there’s no better way to explore the world of wine, in a way that’s customized and comfortable.

Why I Love Bonner Private Wine Partnership?

In a word, the biggest difference with Bonner Private Wine Partnership is passion. One of the flaws of some wine subscription services is that they have become a clearinghouse for getting rid of “dead wines” or bulk wines. That is definitely not the case with Bonner.

The team at Bonner Private Wine Partnership selects small batch wines made by real winemakers for whom wine is a calling, not just a job. I am telling you, some of the most unique, impressive wines I have had in recent memory have come from Bonner.

Bonner Private Wine Partnership Offers a Variety of Unique Wines from Argentina

If you’ve been following along you may know that I am a Brand Ambassador for Bonner Wine. And I got started with them because of their story. This family came from America, bought land in Argentina, and quickly realized the unique wines of this region needed to be showcased to more people. The family owned vineyards of this region deserve a chance to shine, and that’s exactly what Bonner Private Wine Partnership does for them.

The wine in this region is so special because it grows in extreme conditions. Many wine lovers enjoy wine because of the stories that can be told about each vineyard and varietal. Such is the case here. The high altitude of the vineyards that the Bonner family works with produces intense, flavorful grapes. The wine that flows out of each bottle from Bonner Private Wine Partnership is something you’re not going to find at your corner store. Every bottle and every glass is an adventure.

Mr. Scott Eddy – Brand Ambassador for Bonner Private Wine Partnership

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