How to secure your future by investing in blue-chip art

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When I think about the future I am excited, and a little cautious. I love exploring the world, and sometimes I need a reminder that I’ve got to invest in my future. Change is inevitable. So I’ve begun looking at alternative investments. And I came across something I am really excited about.

Nearly every top equity firm is projecting real returns of 5% or less in the traditional market, and MorningStar is even predicting negative growth. Maybe you’ve heard to diversify with cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin or NFTs like cryptopunks — I am looking to put away my earnings in an asset that won’t make me lose sleep at night.

I’ve discovered a tangible asset with a proven track record of 276-years: art! There’s a reason why super-wealthy individuals like Steph Cohen invest more than $1 Billion in contemporary art. This is one of the most successful hedge fund managers in history, whose firm has consistently returned 30–40% annually.

Art has historically appreciated at 14% a year when compared to the S&P 500’s return of 9.5% from 1995 to 2020. Contemporary art outpaces the S&P 500 total return by 174%, according to publicly available data.

The only problem? With masterpiece paintings selling for tens of millions of dollars, you’d need to sell an arm and a leg to build a proper art portfolio. And if you already have tens of millions of dollars, you’re probably not too worried about what’s happening in the markets.

But the rest of us are in a different situation. Luckily, I found a little-known way to invest in quality paintings without needing millions. An innovative company called Masterworks makes art investing possible for people like you and me.

Invest in contemporary art with Masterworks

It’s the first and only platform that gives anybody from AMC Holders to accredited investors access to the exclusive art world. Now you can purchase shares of multi-million-dollar paintings by legendary artists like Banksy, Kaws, and Basquiat at a fraction of the typical cost.

Masterworks is one of the largest buyers in the art market today, looking to spend $400m in art investments next year. And, they have 75 years of art-buying experience. Masterworks was founded in 2017 by a top-100 art collector, and tech entrepreneur who have founded companies valued at over $1B. Over 250,000 people have signed up.

If you want to take advantage and invest into some fine art then check it out. By using my link you’ll skip the wait list so you can jump right in as soon as you want.

I am so glad I’ve begun investing in art through Masterworks. Things have changed and the traditional methods of investing in the market are no longer enough. So join me and get started, won’t you?