How to Travel Freely with nomad.me

It seems like there are subscriptions for everything right now. And honestly, I am a fan. I enjoy living the nomad life. And this new travel subscription service called nomad.me is the best tool out there for anyone that wants to travel full time or travel a lot, and save money while doing so.


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How nomad.me Travel Subscription Works

To put it simply, nomad.me is a community-based travel subscription business. You just pay one fee to become a member of nomad.me. Members of nomad.me are part of a “closed user group” which gain access to nomad.me’s proprietary aggregation booking engine. If that sounds a little technical, it’s because it is. But, nomad.me has taken care of the technology part.

All you have to do is search for the travel you want, on the dates that you want, and you’ll find the best possible savings available. There is nothing else out there that makes travel easier and more affordable.

This subscription model is revolutionizing the travel buying experience. The team at nomad.me is solving multiple problems commonly encountered when trying to travel. Rather than having to search all over the place you can live the life of a nomad with just a few clicks.


Booking Travel on nomad.me While Traveling

One my favorite things about nomad.me is there are no hidden fees. You see the full rate instead of having to wait until you get to the checkout screen. I can’t stand hidden fees; it feels so tricky. So I am glad to say nomad.me puts it all up front for you to see right from the start. If the hotel or resort has a resort fee you will know before you book, but you will pay it directly to the hotel or resort rather than through nomad.me when booking.

Once you know where you want to travel, a search on nomad.me will provide you with a great variety of properties from 3 to 5 stars. Depending on the dates, your savings can be up to 60% or more than the leading online sites. Using a special propriety aggregation system, nomad.me searches through thousands of travel contracts to find the best deals. This is special pricing normally not available to the regular consumer.

nomad.me is built by experts in the travel industry who want to change things. The vision is to create a global community of Nomads. The energy, power and joy of travel enriches lives, and the folks at nomad.me want to make it easier for people to enjoy travel experiences and special events.

Check out my Instagram Live with Nick, one of the founders of nomad.me to learn more about him and why he decided to start this service.

What Can You Book Through Nomad.Me?

Most people become members of nomad.me to gain access to low rates at 1.3 million Hotels worldwide. There’s also exclusive resorts. Members can also book flights with all global carriers as well as over 75 low-cost carriers.


Worldwide Travel with nomad.me

If you’re traveling as a group, only one of you needs to be a member of nomad.me. You can have up to six people in the same travel party using just one membership for the trip. It’s a great way to show off your travel savviness.

How is nomad.me Better Than Other Travel Search Engines?

Other search sites use tricky cookie tools to make sure you pay as much as possible. It annoys me to no end. Most search sites have specific agreements with hotels and airlines, and therefore push bookings to specific hotels and airlines based on the highest commission they will earn. There is no commission earned at nomad.me. They make money from their membership subscriptions, that’s it.

So instead of steering you in one direction or another in order to make the most money off of you, like other search sites do, nomad.me uses their proprietary aggregation booking engine to show you the best deals normally only available through wholesale contracts. You get to decide which is the best deal and the best fit for you.


Millions of Hotels Worldwide Available on nomad.me

The leading online providers drive their own contracts with hotels. Nomad.me searches tens of thousands of wholesale contracts from travel industry buyers to find contract rates that are significantly less due to a variety of contracting methodologies.

When I connected with Nick, one of the founders of nomad.me, I knew we were like-minded people. We both love travel. We both see how being a Nomad, traveling from place to place, can give you a new outlook on life. The team at nomad.me gets it. They were sick of travel that plays by the rules of people earning commissions. Thanks to the technology of nomad.me you can find travel that fits what you want, and an affordable price.

How to Get a Free Trial to nomad.me

Travel is back! And the best way to get back out there is to give nomad.me a try. Here’s an invitation to try out nomad.me for a free trial. Once you’ve booked your first travel experience you’re probably going to decide to become a member. And if not, at least you’ve had a great travel experience.

If you decide to give it a try I want to hear from you. Leave me a comment or get in touch with the contact form below. And here’s to enjoying the nomad life!