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This is the ultimate question that runs through someone’s mind when you tell them to ‘look on the bright side of things.’ I feel that there is a tremendous difference. I grew up in a household that was filled with negativity, when I say that, don’t take it the wrong way, I had a picture perfect childhood, a very loving one, it’s just that my mother was the most negative person on the planet. My mother was also the most giving and caring person I have ever met, but, if any kind of question came up, or a decision that had to be made, her initial reaction was purely negative. In her later years of life, when her health was very bad, I personally she could have added many years to her life by ‘thinking positive’ and/or having a certain ‘optimism’ about life.

I have to make a side note here, no matter how negative my mother was, I would give everything I have in my life today to spend 5 more minutes with her to let her know how much she means to me.

In my own life, I have used my mother’s negativity in life as a stepping stone to look at the positive side of everything, no matter how hard. I absolutely refuse to be a negative person. I think it has helped me throughout many situations, and I still rely on it every day that I have problems or roadblocks in my life.

For me, 2014 was a horrible year, every possible business decision I made was wrong, almost every client I took on ended up being a nightmare. But I have to look at the good side, my social media exposure exploded, and I have tons of potential business waiting for me in 2015. So while, my bank account is crying from 2014, my head is in the right place for 2015 (and beyond)!!

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  1. Me again! I struggle with this every single day of my life especially when it comes to business. As soon as things start going good I’m looking for the bad instead of embracing and building on the good. Best example was end of June this year when our new business, the first I created, was picking up steam and I was seeing so much more potential but was in typical fashion waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well, my cousin was killed in an accident and to me this was the other shoe. I naturally equated this to the fact that things were going good so something bad had to happen. I realize the two aren’t related but to me the timing of the events says otherwise. I do wish there was a magic pill to rid this from my mind but instead I have to dig deep and press on to enjoy the positive. That and Amber kicks me in behind to snap out of it. Here’s to a successful 2015 for both of us.

    1. @Eric I know exactly what you mean, but if you don’t change the way you focus, you will never reach your full potential. You gotta realize that things are going to go wrong, things are going to go right, you can’t control either. Just make the best of whatever comes your way, and keep moving forward!

  2. Agree Totally Scott!
    The difference between a happy and exiting life,
    compares to a sad and worrisome life.. Is purely your mindset.

  3. Scott?,
    I think I may have you beat. I have lost two businesses, that cost me every dollar I had in my savings and forced me to downsize twice. This led to my divorce in 2014.

    All I had to do was stay as a retail exec and work for others. I made millions for others, but never made a dime for myself. You are a very intelligent young man and I have all the faith that you will bounce back in 2015 stronger and more prosperous!

    1. @Mike Thanks Mike. I am not worried, I lost every penny twice in my life, no big deal. As long as I still have my contacts and my network, I will always bounce back quickly.

  4. Hi Scott,

    Great article. I can completely relate to your mom:-). I am a bubbly, fun extrovert! Yet when it comes to my kids, hubby and family, I am so protective, that my initial reaction to things are usually negative. It’s the control freak mixed with the perfectionist in me that drives this. You are 100% correct though. Looking on the positive side of life changes everything. It’s all in the mind. 2015 here I come …. Stop looking for all the things that are wrong and start looking for all the things that are right. I want my kids to remember my positivity. Thanks for the wake up call!!

    1. @Katyy Glad I could help. The good thing is, all the negativity usually comes from love, so you are already on the right track!

  5. Life is waking up every day and making a difference – fortunately, there are very few days in my life that I wake up and don’t feel positive – that being the case, it could take a blink of an eye to change that feeling. I believe emotional positivity/negativity is an innate condition that we have little control over, however we do have the ability to make a positive difference in each waking moment. When we share positivity then a little magic dust settles along the way, meaning the more we spread positive energy, the greater positive effect on one’s inner being, and one’s environment and those we meet in it. Similarly, the same applies to the opposite (negative energy) and when confronted with that it takes a skilled person to transfer/transform that into positive influence and experience. In doing so we learn, develop and grow … sharing is the key to living positively … ~ <3 WITH LOVE <3 ~

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