My 2014 Travel Diary

Can’t believe it’s already December, and 2015 is already on the threshold. Some people look at the calendar change with scorn – new responsibilities and new resolutions and the realization that we are that much closer to becoming another year older. I, however, am not one of these people. I welcome the New Year with open arms. I can’t change it or reschedule, so might as well just buck up and accept it. That’s why I choose to look at this time of year as a point of reflection for being thankful about the last year. And this year, there were a lot of good things to be thankful for.

Being a travel addict, I tend to categorize my memories in terms of where they happened in the world. So it seems only right to look back on 2014 with a travel diary and reminisce on all the amazing stamps in my passport and how lucky I was to have gained these new experiences.

Here it goes:

Sri Lanka

I was in Sri Lanka for one-month-and-a-half at the start of this year on a major consultancy gig. I wanted to stay longer, but eventually left to pursue another opportunity I couldn’t refuse in Europe. It was a good first taste of Colombo that has definitely left me lusting for more. I feel very blessed to have experienced Sri Lanka at such a crucial time in its development as a luxury tourist destination. I wrote more about that here. Ever since, I’ve been telling everybody to go and check it out as these big changes are happening quickly, and Sri Lanka will certainly be a very different experience in the next few years.



The better part of my year was spent in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, on the opportunity I mentioned above. Looking back on those summer months, I can’t help but smile. Moving to a city I’ve never been to before and where I didn’t know a single soul made me realize once again the sheer power and potential of social media. I made amazing new friendships, met all the top dogs of the country’s wine industry and realized once again how lucky I am to connect with such inspiring entrepreneurs and fellow wanderlusters all the time.


United Kingdom

I did some consulting work for a client in Germany this year, but we met up multiple times in the United Kingdom. It brought back a lot of memories, some good and some bad. The biggest failure of my career was in 2008, when I lost everything on a startup in London right at the beginning of the financial crisis. I learned some big lessons about being stubborn and hardheaded. So the U.K. did rehash some of that for me, but it was important to go through that somehow. It helped me remember just how far I’ve come and all that I’ve learned along the way.



It’s always good to be home. Thailand has a deep and special place in my heart, and at the end of this year, there is no place I’d rather be. Right now, I’m in Hua Hin, soaking up the sun and focusing on my goals for personal and professional growth. 2015 is going to be a fantastic year and I’m looking forward to showing you all the new things I’m currently working on!

I want to send a big thanks to everybody who read my blog this year. This has also been a totally new experience for me and the response has been amazing and it’s really meant a lot. I also want to hear from you – where did you travel to this year and what did those experiences do for you?