My COVID-19 Vaccination Story and How It Will Impact My Travel

The new tradition is for everyone to post pictures of their vaccination card on social media. Rather than do that, I wanted to share my vaccination story, not because I want to convince you one way or the other, but to share what it was like and what I am excited about.

Chances are you’re following my social media, or you’re on this website, because you like to travel. Or maybe you want to travel more, or have new dining experiences. I truly believe getting vaccinated for COVID-19 is the best way to get back to travel, great meals, and exploring life.

My Vaccination Experience

Because of my busy schedule, I wanted to get the vaccine that required only one shot. I looked online for availability for a one shot vaccine in the South Florida area without any success. I don’t mind traveling to other parts of Florida so I found an appointment about an hour north of Orlando. The drive took about four hours to get to North Central Florida, and I enjoyed the scenery along the way.

The appointment went by quickly. I checked in, provided my information, and soon a quick and easy shot was in my arm. The longest part of my experience was the 15 minute wait after the shot to make sure there was no reaction. The day after, I did not experience any major side effects. Every body is different. In my case, I was fine, and even if I felt tired or had any other side effects, it would be worth it.

Mr. Scott Eddy – Traveling Safely Now and Into the Future

The Future of Travel

I work heavily in the travel world. I know there’s a been a lot of negativity and arguing about getting the vaccine. That’s not what we need right now. If you don’t want to get vaccinated that is certainly your choice.

I received the vaccine not necessarily for myself, but for those around me. I love people. I love to travel and experience other cultures. Getting vaccinated is the most respectful thing I can do right now to be able to get back to the life I love, the life I love to share with you.

Mr. Scott Eddy in Kenya – 2021

It is still up in the air for many destinations and businesses as to if they will require proof of vaccination in order to participate in certain experiences. Some destinations and events are offering designated sections for those that have proof of vaccination. These designated areas can offer different options like being able to remove masks. The Center for Disease Control recently updated its guidelines, showing side by side which activities are generally safe for those that are fully vaccinated versus those that are not vaccinated.

I figured it is best for me to get my vaccine now even as new decisions are being made and guidelines are being updated. It feels freeing to be able to plan all kinds of experiences again.

What’s Next for My Travels

I’ve been fortunate enough to start having conversations with international destinations. I am currently on the road in the Southwest of the United States. There’s a trip to Europe and another trip to Asia possible on the horizon. Just this week the European Union proposed that “Member States ease the current restrictions on non-essential travel into the EU to take into account the progress of vaccination campaigns and developments in the epidemiological situation worldwide.

Mr. Scott Eddy Is Ready To Travel Again

This is more great news. It is also yet another reason I decided to get vaccinated now. As things open up, as international travel becomes an option again, I will be ready to go. Are you ready?

Let’s talk

If you are curious about a business or a destination that is ready for the future of travel, or if you represent a business or destination that wants to get the word out, let me know and let’s talk!