Samsara Phuket – Paradise in Phuket

After exploring the Gulf, I headed west to Thailand’s Andaman coast. Here in Phuket, on Nakalay headland, I spent a few amazing days at Samsara Phuket.

If the name rings a bell it’s because these eight luxurious villas have hosted a slew of celebrities including popstar Rihanna, a woman of impeccable taste who opted for Villa no. 3, also known as Villa Saengootsa‬, the same as me.

Smart girl. It’s enormous and beautifully designed, with wooden floors and giant windows opening onto the outdoor living space. Though the weather was a little cloudy when I arrived, the view from the sizeable terrace was still pretty nice.

The minimum these villas have is four bedrooms, and with this spacious living room and a kitchen that could easily fit 100 people, it seemed like the ideal place to throw a party. So I invited one or two friends over to enjoy the view.

SE pool boys

The resident chef at Samsara Phuket is a culinary rockstar, and I woke up every day to breakfast served by the pool.

SE Samsara

With such a stunning view from my infinity pool, which blended seamlessly with the ocean below, it seemed a shame not to take a dip; and you know what they say, if you didn’t take a video, it didn’t happen.

While I was in the neighborhood, conveniently stationed between busy Patong beach and peaceful Kamala bay, I did some exploring and paid visits to Xana Beach club and the pool at the Hyatt Regency, which was almost as gorgeous as the one at my villa.

And lazy days were followed by comfortable nights in this giant bed, as slept in by Rihanna herself (she wasn’t still there, though. I checked).

SE bed

On my final day, the clouds were rolling in, signalling it was time to go. But you know a place is truly beautiful when it still looks good in the rain. Samsara oozes style from head to toe, they’ve thought of everything and I’m not surprised it’s the go-to Thai escape for the rich and famous. One of their villas, Villa Fah Sai, was even recently awarded a 2015 World Boutique Hotel Award for the best private villa in Southeast Asia – and I’m not surprised.

Find Samsara Phuket on Facebook or check out its Instagram and Twitter feeds to see what I mean, and while you’re at it, follow me too: I’m @MrScottEddy and you’ll find me checking out all things stylish and noteworthy.