Thailand On My Mind

It’s been a fantastic first few weeks in Lisbon, Portugal. I’m looking forward to telling you more very soon about all my new and exciting adventures here. But there is just one problem with having called so many different places “home” in my life (and any of the travel addicts reading this will also attest): you leave so many pieces of your heart scattered around the world!

I’ve lived in many different cities, from Miami to London and Barcelona, but Bangkok is one that stays dear to me no matter I go. I’ve been living in Krung Thep (as the Thais call it, “the City of Angels”) on-and-off for close to a decade now, and I’m not sure what exactly it is that keeps me coming back. Perhaps the world-class hospitality, the comfortable, laidback lifestyle or simply the kindness and sincerity that Thai culture thrives upon. Whatever it is, I’m a little homesick for it right now, but in the best possible way.

So that’s why I’ve decided to share with you a few photos, which represent some of what I’m yearning for the most. These snapshots may not be as good as the real thing, but they honestly make me feel better already!

The view.

No wonder Krung Thep means “City of Angels” (weird trivia fact: Bangkok directly translated actually means ‘village of plums’). Somehow, from the tops of skyscrapers and high-rises, Bangkok can look so peaceful despite all of its madness. I begin my day everyday at 5am, there’s nothing more motivating then reflecting on this concrete jungle, and all its restlessness and ambition.

view 1501455_10153677797205704_439954177_o 1553520_10153677810100704_1599005404_o


The food.

The food in Thailand, for me, is unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s comfort food, and there’s just so much soul that goes into every bite – the complexity in flavour that you can get at just some little food stand or hole in the wall still continues to astound me. What I’m missing the most right now are those fruits you can only get in Southeast Asia, for example rose apples, custard apples and carambola also known as starfruit (the pointy orange guys in the top left hand corner). I especially miss getting my tastebuds blasted off with a few piping-hot chili peppers!

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food 1560683_10153664823765704_1833857742_n


The culture.

It’s taken me a long time to get my head around Thai customs and the way business is done in the ‘Land of Smiles.’ So the understanding that I have now of how it all works is something I’m really proud of. Above all, making deals in Asia has taught me to be a more patient, thoughtful person. I’ve learned not to jump the gun at every opportunity and to take time to get to know new contacts. These lessons have served me well in career and life, and I’ve got Thailand to thank for that.

1537691_10153664837600704_418726382_o culture 406003_10152383756790704_588937873_n


The Chao Phraya.

Chao Phraya (which means “River of Kings”) has an immense historical presence, and it explains a lot about how Bangkok became the city it is today. Traveling along this body of water, you’ll see the landscape change before your very eyes – from pristine, contemporary riverside hotel resorts to temples and rickety buildings that could be about to crumble! The funny thing is, though such sights are polar opposites, they are both stunning in their own unique way. Bangkok is a city that’s going somewhere, but doesn’t forget where it came from. I like that.



The people.

No matter where you go, it’s the people that make the place. Bangkok is no exception. I’ve met so many amazing characters in Thailand, who have changed my life and my overall outlook. I often say I’m in the business of people, whether it’s meeting people, connecting them or just getting that perfect team together and watching the sparks fly. So I invest a lot of time into others and Bangkok’s rewarded me countless times with really interesting connections.


I could go on! But enough from me, what about you guys? I’d like to hear what it is that you love about Bangkok.