Visiting The Gates: Simple Luxury at its Finest

I was recently invited to visit some friends in Miami Beach and to check out some of their newest and most luxurious properties. The Gates are known for their attention to detail and for being close to all the action. Staying at the Gates Hotel South Beach, where I had a few days to relax and enjoy the Florida coast.

The next day, I took part in a property tour in the lobby bar, where I was able to sample some of the famed coconut water served at the Gates. Not only was it a great refreshment early in the morning, but it also got me ready to enjoy a spectacular breakfast served up at Continental Restaurant. After a delicious meal, it was time to head across the street and to the beach, what’s better than chilling on South Beach for the day.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about staying here was the fact that I could have easily enjoyed an innumerable amount of activities. The Gates South Beach is conveniently located near main sites in the region like the Miami City Ballet, Bass Museum of Art, and Wynwood Art District.

After a day relaxing, I was off to another Gates location—the one at Key West. If I thought I was close to the beach before, I was sure near it now. Looking out from the hotel window, I could see azure water lapping across the shores. I was struck by how active the Gates is in each of the communities where the hotels are located and how they made me a part of it within such a short period of time.

Despite the luxurious and high-class atmosphere I experienced at the Gates, I also felt more at home than many places I have stayed at. I also felt involved with what makes these hotels so special. The proximity to the local sites and their involvement with art galleries and small businesses.

It was a wonderful experience for me to know that quality hotels like this existed and offered a chance for relaxation and community interaction.