The ROI of Twitter

I think we are at a point in the world of social media where everyone is looking for the ROI. On Twitter I think its quite an easy platform to measure it, but I don’t measure it like most people would. If you are aggressive in following accounts and communicating with the ‘right people’ on a daily basis, building up a sizable following is quite easy. Having said that, they will not stay if you don’t provide ‘value’ to them on a consistent basis. In my opinion, the ROI comes in the form of a relationship. Then, once the relationship is established, you have to figure out how to use it. Figuring out how to use it can come in many different forms: are they going to share your content with their following, are they going to engage with you, are they going to be customers, are they going to turn into life-long friends… if any of those things happen, you win! Most people look for ROI in the form of money, if a dollar bill doesn’t fall on their head within a couple days, they say ‘Twitter is useless’ —–> well, the ones who say that (in my opinion) are not utilizing it correctly. Twitter is a potential goldmine IF you use it the right way.

I have developed so many powerful relationships on Twitter all over the world, many of those relationships have turned into business deals, and many more have turned into life-long friends. Everyone you come into contact with is not going to do business with you, so if that’s what you are expecting, you might as well quit now. Social media is all about relationships, storytelling and having conversations. If you are having problems converting relationships into business, then maybe you need to strengthen your networking skills, fine-tune your storytelling capabilities a little more, or redefine your business model. Social media is a great place to visually explain your brand and what you stand for, but once again, I will say the magic words…you have to be consistent.

I use the word ‘consistent’ a lot, because to me, its the most important aspect to social media, and getting the proper ROI. It is extremely time consuming to provide good content every day, and even more time if you engage a lot on top of that. If you value your time (like most people do), then social media is definitely not free, it’s very expensive. BUT, if you develop the kind of relationships that change your life or add value to your business, then it’s worth it.

Disclaimer: My techniques, my thoughts, my ideas about Twitter are exactly what they are, my opinions. They may or may not work for everyone. I just like to give my theory on the subject because it has worked out so well for me, and I feel it may work for other people. So, at the end of the day, you have to be happy with the results. Whatever way you choose to use Twitter, one thing is for sure, it is one of the most powerful tools out there….give it a try!!!