Keep Going: A Review of the New TraxPack Suitcase

TraxPack Luggage Review

It’s difficult to find a luggage company that has met the twenty-first century. After owning a number of luggage sets, I’ve had trouble finding one that can keep up with me in my travels and that has yet to implement smart technology. However, TraxPack has solved that problem in a number of ways—most of all for its innovative way of toting luggage up staircases at airports or hotels.

Not only is the original model functional, but it’s also beautifully designed. Combining luxury and efficiency, I loved the way TraxPack seems to have me in mind when offering style and functionality. Built for those dealing with common travel problems on the road, TraxPack has included a number of features to help the modern traveler such as a tilting handle, built-in luggage scale, a mobile device stand and dual USB ports for your phone, and a proximity sensor so you never lose your luggage again. All these features come together to create a fantastic suitcase.

TraxPack Stairs Handle

The main reason to consider a TraxPack is for its unique design—each suitcase features a track system allowing you to transport your suitcase up a flight of stairs with no problem. You almost forget how heavy your suitcase is when you grab the handle (specially designed to make it even easier for you to pull your luggage along) and it swiftly rolls up any stairs you come in contact with. Roller suitcases were meant for an upgrade a long time ago, but TraxPack takes it to a whole new level.

The final retail price will be $515, but you can get some discounts on Kickstarter. For the Early Bird Ultra Special, you can purchase the suitcase for $198. The Early Bird Super is available for $228, while the Early Bird Hyper is available for $248. The Standard pricing is $278. The suitcase is made of nylon and aluminum and weighs in at about eight pounds. With dimensions of 22” x 14” x 9”, it’s the perfect carry-on size if you need to keep your packing light.

TraxPack Handle Weight

I’m excited to see what this company comes out with in the future and whether they will transition to larger suitcases. The track system would be awesome to have if you have to haul large luggage over long distances.

Thanks to TraxPack for letting me get a glimpse of this awesome product.