What is a Brand Ambassador and How Can They Help Your Brand?

I don’t know about you, but I can spot fake a mile away. If it’s not authentic, I tune out immediately. So, how do you get your ideal audience to connect with people who represent your brand, in a way that feels natural? That’s where a Brand Ambassador comes in.

What Is a Brand Ambassador?

I like connecting with people. I don’t just say “yes” to every brand and product that comes my way. It has to feel right. It has to make sense for my audience and align with my values. And so, as a Brand Ambassador my job is to get to know you, your people, your brand, and product, and then share my experiences with a global audience.

It is much more effective for consumers to hear from other people rather than just the brand directly. People connect with other people before they connect with a product. Every buying decision we make has an underlying emotion that drives that decision. Logic comes into play, but if there if is no emotional connection then there isn’t much motivation to move forward.

A Brand Ambassador helps personify your brand. It gives your product and services a real voice. They get to know what you offer, intimately, and then spread the word through authentic experiences. As a Brand Ambassador I don’t stand in front of a camera and talk about your product like a spokesperson. Instead, I experience the product firsthand and share this directly with my audience, while helping you grow yours.

Mr. Scott Eddy – Brand Ambassador for Bonner Private Wine Partnership

What Can a Brand Ambassador Do?

This past month I’ve been able to connect with the incredible people at Bonner Private Wine Partnership. Their story is fascinating. I believe in happy accidents, in serendipity. My love of travel was born out of a last minute trip abroad after my stock broker career came to a screeching halt out of nowhere.

Similarly, Bonner Private Wine Partnership came from a happy accident. Will Bonner’s father purchased some farm land in Argentina; not just any farm land, high altitude, dry rugged land. And hidden away in that land was a small vineyard. The wine that came from this rough and tumble vineyard blew the Bonner family away. The high altitude and extreme conditions of the region produces a grape that is all about strength and survival. The grapes are small, with a thick skin because of the harsh conditions, and the wine they produce exhibits beauty through struggle.

Soon they reached out through Will’s dad’s newsletter to see if readers would be interested in the wine. Before long they couldn’t keep up with demand and began including wine from neighbors and other vineyards in the area. And, that’s how this boutique wine subscription service was born.

Bonner Private Wine Partnership Offers a Variety of Unique Wines from Argentina

had to help get this story out. I know so many great people in the food and wine industry, and they had to understand how special Bonner Wine is. We put together a hybrid event, a BBQ Wine Pairing Dinner hosted at Aloft Delray Beach hotel with Chef Dennis of AskChefDennis.com, along with Will Bonner and Diego Samper of Bonner Private Wine Partnership.

This hybrid model is the way things are being done now and into the future. There’s an in-person aspect for those that want to be present and experience an event firsthand, and there is a virtual component for those that cannot travel for whatever reason. This virtual component allows myself, Chef Dennis, Bonner Wine, Aloft Delray Beach, and Certified Angus Beef to re-share and redistribute the content we make during and after the event, giving it longevity.

Will Bonner of Bonner Private Wine Partnership

This event perfectly encapsulates what a Brand Ambassador does. They use their connections and relationships to produce an authentic experience. A Brand Ambassador brings to life the all-important human element to your product. The BBQ Wine Pairing Dinner hosted at Aloft Hotel Delray Beach brought to life the unique experience Bonner Wine produces in a tangible way. In-person attendees were able to taste the wine, of course, and also truly savor it with an expertly prepared, yet approachable meal from Chef Dennis. The lively, vibrant setting of Aloft Hotel Delray Beach provided the perfect backdrop for conversation and connection.

And those that watched Live on Facebook, or have watched the content after the event, are witnessing these connections. They are hearing the Bonner family’s story in a human way that feels real rather than heavily produced.

Mr. Scott Eddy – Brand Ambassador for Bonner Private Wine Partnership

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It is my pleasure to be a Brand Ambassador for Bonner Private Wine Partnership. This family brings something so unique to the world of wine, and is helping so many small vineyards find an audience. I look forward to sharing their story and helping them get discovered by enthusiastic wine lovers.

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