What to Expect on Video Globetrotter Season 2

If there’s one thing this past year or so has taught me it’s to never give up and to be grateful. Okay, that’s technically two things. But, my point is, there is so much to be thankful for, and travel has taught me that lesson over and over again.

Right now I am on the road doing multiple cool things, the coolest of which is filming the start of Season 2 of Video Globetrotter for Lifetime TV. I am so grateful that this opportunity continued, despite the major interruption the global pandemic caused.

I was fortunate to be chosen as the TV host for the first travel series ever on LifetimeTV , called Video Globetrotter. We started off filming all over the Caribbean for the first episode, then the pandemic hit, and the first episode ended up premiering during the global lockdown.

Mr. Scott Eddy – Video Globetrotter Season 1 (Trinidad)

Fortunately, they did not cancel the show. It is an honor to continue this travel show. I have headed to California to start filming the second episode, and currently in New York. This time I am bringing the video dream-team with me.

Mr. Scott Eddy – Video Globetrotter Video Dream Team

I love that Video Globetrotter allows me and my team to show off wonderful destinations in breathtaking ways. The key to this travel show on Lifetime TV is using a variety of filming techniques so that you, the audience, can experience these destinations in ways most people do not get to see. We use drones, digital technology, and other tools to bring travel to the TV screen with beauty and excitement.

Our first stop is Agua Caliente Casinos in Palm Springs, California. The culinary experience here is divine. I can’t wait for you to see the footage we captured, you’re going to want to book a trip out there pronto!

What to Expect on VideoGlobetrotter Season 2

Currently we’re in New York, in the Finger Lakes region. It is gorgeous! Can you imagine any two destinations in the United States with such different weather and geography than Palm Springs, California and the Finger Lakes region in New York?

What I love about covering these two destinations for Video Globetrotter on Lifetime TV is that the people here have been through so much. New York and California were two of the hardest hit states from the pandemic. They were both shut down the longest compared to other parts of the country. Sharing these destinations and meeting with the great people here energizes me.

Mr. Scott Eddy – Video Globetrotter Season 2 (New York)

I am so grateful that Lifetime TV brought me back so we can keep Video Globetrotter going. I cannot wait for you all to see this first episode of season two for yourself, which premieres on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 at 7:30 AM EST on Lifetime TV.

If you’re outside of the US, you can watch it on www.VideoGlobetrotter.com after it airs.

 If you’re curious about working together then just fill out the short contact form at the bottom and we can get started. See you out there!