Having lived in the cosmopolitan capital of Bangkok for almost a decade, I have come to love the city and all that it has to offer. There is something undoubtedly compelling about this Asian metropolis, also known as the ‘Big Mango’ and ‘City of Angels’, that draws me back every time I leave. Perhaps it’s because of the complete contrast to western lifestyles or simply due to its enchanting vibe that captured me from the moment I stepped off the plane. Either way, I admit that I am completely under its spell and it comes as no surprise to me that it was the second most visited city of 2014. Bangkok   I have learnt a lot from living in Thailand. The culture here is definitely more laid-back than that of the western world, and the locals tend to live by the motto ‘sabaii sabaii’, which means ‘relax’. This is something I have also adopted into my life and more importantly my work, taking time with decisions and thinking through new opportunities before rushing into anything. I believe that Thailand has been a major influence in many of the positives that I have experienced over the years and want to return the favor to my favorite city. This is why I will be promoting all that I love about Bangkok across my social media channels with the hashtag #WhyILoveBangkok. The concept was founded by my friends at AsiaRents, a unique and fresh property rental agency also based in this vibrant city. They pride themselves on their experience and expertise and use this combined with innovative technology to differentiate themselves in an already competitive market. They are also passionate about Bangkok and share news about the city on their social media channels, namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. The #WhyILoveBangkok campaign is designed to expand on this, encouraging anyone that loves Bangkok to post their top reasons for loving Bangkok and incorporating the hashtag. The posts with the most engagement will be entered for prizes, giveaways from influential companies around the city. I love Bangkok, as I’m sure many other people do too, and this is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the very best the city has to offer to those already living here as well as those considering a move here. People post their love for the city on social media all the time, but wouldn’t it be great if we all came together and started a discussion on what we love the most, discovering new places and things we’d forgotten about in the process? Here are my top reasons for why I love Bangkok: – Unbelievable views around the city; there’s something enchanting about watching the sun set over the vast sea of skyscrapers and highrises. – Food – spicy Thai dishes and a host of exotic fruit, what’s not to love? – A distinctive and hospitable culture that has earnt Thailand with the reputation as the ‘Land of Smiles’. – The Chao Phraya River for an incredible insight to Bangkok’s timeless charm. The buildings that line its banks are a display of the city’s past right up to present day. – Of course the people of Bangkok and their inviting and charming nature. I have a deep love for Bangkok and could go on forever about all the things I love about the city. What about you, why do you love Bangkok? Be part of the discussion and let the world know with #WhyILoveBangkok.