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Introducing Zipkick’s Global Brand Ambassador

You guys all know that I love Twitter, but this whole thing has made me love it even more. Zipkick found me on Twitter, then 6 days later, the contract was signed and I had a plane ticket to San Francisco in my hand. So if you are still thinking if Twitter is for you, take from my many positive experiences, it is definitely worth the investment of your time.

@mrscotteddy + zipclick = awesomeness

I’m really excited to make a big announcement on the blog today. I’m
officially the new Global Brand Ambassador for Zipkick, a travel
personalization company that’s set to revolutionize the industry.

For a globetrotter such as myself, Zipkick is an absolute windfall. The new
travel search and booking website offers uniquely relevant results based on
customer preferences and behaviors. It’s highly customizable in just a few
clicks –easy booking without all the annoying ads, scroll bars and neverending
button work. I’m probably most excited about the fact that Zipkick
continuously learns how I like to travel, which makes the personalization
better each time.

This quote from co-founder Jason Will sums up the tech startup nicely:
“Zipkick is the result of countless failed attempts at booking travel on the go.
As a former traveling consultant, searching for travel via a mobile phone
was cumbersome and sifting through an overwhelming amount of results
only complicated the process. After realizing the lack of mobile innovation
this past decade in travel, it was time to step up
and personalize search.”
Check out the Tnooz featured article

Zipkick’s patent-pending algorithm is so far unheard of in the technology
and travel industry. Users stand to benefit by shaving hours off the time
spent researching vacations, meanwhile travel companies can more
flawlessly connect to their best matched customers.

As a travel addict, entrepreneur and lover of the startup scene, this project
intrigued me right from the get-go. After learning more about the team
behind Zipkick as well as their fantastic product, I knew I had to get
involved and help these guys make a big splash. So I will be flying to
Silicon Valley in a couple days right before Zipkick’s official app launches
and dedicating my support through events and appearances around the

Here’s to 2015 and the start of something new with Zipkick! Sign up for
early access by requesting an invite at zipkick.com.

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  1. Hi Scott,
    I saw you yesterday on Twit. tv with Tonya Hall . Your company sounds intriguing and much different than the other sites that take you on a tour of their own and end up spitting out pretty much the same price. I have a physical disability which makes travelling even more of a challenge. The old days with a travel agent were for me the preferred method and I thought that all these new internet options would make it even easier and it didn’t. So hopefully your company you will bring back that feeling with a personal touch that I long for. On zipkick.com I asked for an early invite because I believe that you have a great idea that I would like to learn more about. The tried and tested KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle seems to be what you’re moving towards. The other websites are almost the equivalent of a Chinese restaurant menu. After the 437th option, I’m ready to go somewhere else. Best of luck to you. Gerry

  2. I have been reading about Zipkick and then saw your article today, which was excellent timing. It is certainly very interesting and there is a huge need for personalized service . I am certainly asking for an early invite, as Zipkick is appealing as both a traveler and a travel writer for people who don’t like to follow the masses.

    1. @Paula Thanks so much, I think so as well, that is exactly the reason Zipkick was the first company I have ever said yes to, when they asked about me being a brand ambassador.

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